Direct West Canada

Direct West Employment Aspects in Canada:
430,000 new jobs have been created in B.C. since December 2001, the best job creation record in Canada. In 2007, the economy created 70,800 more jobs, almost all full time positions. By Spring 2007, unemployment had fallen to 4.0% — the lowest rate in 30 years. However, 40,300 jobs were lost in 2008, mostly in December (35,100), and unemployment rates sit at 7.8% as of July 2009- the same level they were at in July 2001.  
Transfer Account for DWBK Canada:
BANK OF MONTREAL, Bell Copper Corp, Canadian Tire Corp Ltd, Canwest Global Communications Corp.A, Canwest Global Communications Corp, IMPERIAL OIL LTD, National Bank of Canada, Points International Ltd.